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Features & Benefits
  • Booster gives you super-hearing!
  • Adjustable volume so you hear everything
  • Great for any situation
  • Picks up sound you normally can’t hear
  • Discreet and fits in your hand
  • Clear & comfortable hearing

Discover the Thrilling Experience of Super-Hearing!

Our military uses high-tech surveillance equipment to keep you safe, like aircraft that can listen in on conversations hundreds of miles away. You, too, can experience super-hearing with Magic Ear™ by Atomic Beam®. Now you can hear a pin drop from across the room. And there are no more embarrassing complaints as you watch TV.

Easily Adjust the Volume for Your Personal Listening

Tired of embarrassing complaints as you watch TV? Not anymore. Easily adjust the volume for your personal listening. With Magic Ear™, you don’t have to turn up the volume or ask anyone to repeat themselves. This state-of-the-art breakthrough allows you to adjust the volume for any situation. You can even hear a conversation from across the room and pick up sounds you’d never hear.

So Discreet, No One Will Know You’re Wearing It

It’s hard to hear in the back seat of a car. Now, sit back and talk comfortably. Use Magic Ear™ in movie theaters and meetings. You’ll hear every word clearly and comfortably no matter where you’re sitting. Hunters and bird watchers use it to hear noises that are too low for the human ear. It’s so discreet, it fits in the palm of your hand.

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Magic Ear by Atomic Beam


• Magic Ear by Atomic Beam
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Air Police 4 Face Masks

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• 2 Magic Ears by Atomic Beam
• 10-Pack of Air Police 4 Face Masks
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Get Magic Ear™ by Atomic Beam® now for only $19.99 plus FREE shipping and handling. But wait — you can double your offer and get a second Magic Ear™ that’s perfect for a loved one, plus a 10-pack of Air Police 4 non-medical masks with 4 layers of protection and a customizable nosepiece for a secure fit. Just add $19.99. This offer isn’t available on Amazon.


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